• 产品

  • 管理设置

  • 模板

  • 博客文章和页面

  • 网站地图


  • 主页

  • 报告

  • 管理和安装应用和渠道

  • 博客文章和页面


  • 订单

  • 礼品卡

  • 客户

  • 博客文章和页面

对于会计师,请考虑提供所有可用权限,以便您的会计师可以访问他们需要的信息,包括订单、报告和查看 Shopify Payments 收入款项。


Example use cases for giving staff permissions

The permissions that you give to your staff depend on the needs of your staff. You can use these examples to help you select the appropriate permissions.

For staff who update your online store, you might give the following permissions:

  • Products

  • Manage settings

  • Themes

  • Blog posts and page

  • Navigation

For staff who create and edit blog posts, you might give them the following permissions:

  • Home

  • Reports

  • Manage and install apps and channels

  • Blog posts and pages

For sales staff, you might instead give them permissions the following permissions:

  • Orders

  • Gift cards

  • Customers

  • Blog posts and pages

For accountants, consider providing all the available permissions so that your accountant can access the information that they need, including Orders, Reports, and View Shopify Payments payouts.