1.The technology we acquire should be truly advanced and appropriate to China  ’s needs.


2.The technology you transfer to us should enable the venture ’s products to be competitive on the international market.


3.The know-how we import should be directed toward manufacturing products suitable for export.


4.The advanced technology we import should improve markedly the quality of existing products.


5.The technology provided to the joint venture must be integrated, precise and reliable.


6.The technology we acquire shall enable our products to achieve significant economic results.


7.Your technology  should be advanced, reliable , and helpful to the development  of our export-oriented economy.


8.The import know-how should help improve the quality of our products.


9.You should supply us with advanced techniques and modernized management methods.


10.Please  provide  us with  the necessary  technical data and, if  possible, some drawings  connected  with the design and building of the new equipment.


11.For the success of our joint venture, it   ’ s extremely important for us to acquire the information concerning the product design and the production processes.


12.You should give us as soon as possible the blueprint plan for the introduction of the equipment and a report on a survey of the feasibility entire plan.


13.Please turn over these technical data to our side at the earliest possible time.请尽早移交这些技术数据给我们

14.Shall we discuss technology transfer brief now?


15.We want to import  advanced technology  from you in order  to compete successfully on the international market.


16.Since the existing know-how transferred by your company will soon become obsolete, we expect that you will continue offering us your improved technological expertise.


17.By advanced technology, we mean both industrial property and know-how.


18.If the documents you send us cannot be used, or if one item or more mentioned in the packing list should be lacking, you have to send all the documents or the lacking items at your cost , within 45 days from the date you receive the written notice from us.

如果你发给我们的文件不能使用,或者如果箱单注明的一款或多款遗漏,你必须在接我方书面通知日起   45 日内


19.If any serious difficulties arise with regard to the working of the engines which we built, and if it is proved that such difficulties are at fault in any data, drawings or documents you sent us, you would , at your expense, correct such faulty data, drawings or documents.



20.If the technical documents provided by you are not applicable to our actual production condition, you are obliged to assist us in modifying the technical documents.