Global Express 买家支持和国际退货






当买家在 上退还商品时,无论买家位于何处,都将遵循标准亚马逊的退货政策。为确保买家获得一致体验,您的退货政策必须与亚马逊的退货政策同等优惠或比其更加优惠。请先参阅处理国际销售退货和买家退货的指南,再处理您的退货。



Global Express Customer Support and International Returns

Customer Support

Amazon has set high standards for itself and sellers when it comes to customer focus. A great shopping experience for customers includes finding and ordering products with ease, getting fast and free shipping, and providing excellent customer support on orders and returns.

Global Express is a Merchant-fulfilled program. It is your responsibility to provide customer support. For more information, refer Customer Support for International Sales.

International Returns

When a buyer returns a product on, the standard Amazon returns policy will be followed regardless of the buyer’s location. To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, you must match or exceed Amazon's return policies. Refer to Guidelines for handling returns and Customer returns for international sales before processing your returns.

For additional information on how to manage returns, refer to Frequently asked questions about returns, refunds, and cancellations.