Q:Are there time restrictions to send a broadcast?

A:Sellers can only send broadcasts between 0800-2200 to prevent disturbing recipients at night.

Q:Will sending broadcasts impact my Chat Response Rate (CRR)?

A: Chat broadcast will not directly affect CRR. But if a recipient sends a follow-up message after you send a broadcast, sellers should respond within 12 hours in order to maintain their CRR.

Q:Do I need to respond to auto-replies?

A:No, you do not need to respond to auto-replies. Buyers who are also sellers may sometimes send out auto-replies, but your response to these will not count towards your CRR.

Q:What is the difference between broadcast quota and message quota?

A:Broadcast quota is the max. number of times you can send a Chat Broadcast message per week (e.g. 2 times per week).Message quota is the max. number of individual messages that you can send per week (e.g. 2,000 per week).

Each Chat Broadcast message can be sent to multiple recipients.


Q:Can I adjust the number of recipients?

A:No, the number of broadcast recipients cannot be adjusted yet. All broadcasts on App/Web will be sent to all users in your selected recipient group.

Q:Can I add more than 1 type of content in my broadcast?

A:Yes, you can add more than 1 type of content to the same broadcast. For example, you can add a product and a voucher to your text message.

Q:What is the limit of each content type I can include per broadcast?

A:You can send a maximum of 1 text message, 4 products or 1 category, 1 promotion, and 1 voucher per broadcast. 

Q:Is there a limit to how many messages a user can receive?

A:Yes, each user can receive a maximum of 2 messages from each seller per week, and a total maximum of 5 chat broadcast messages from all sellers per day.